Endocrine Disruptors

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A long history of endocrine disruptor testing that combines specialist expertise in ED testing and regulatory science

Pioneers in the adoption and validation of ED assays around the world

A partner focused on building capabilities and capacity that stays ahead of the scientific and regulatory curve, so your current and future needs are addressed

Endocrine disruptors (ED) has the potential to adversely alter an organism’s development, reproduction and wider function. Endocrine disruption does not just affect individual animals, but also populations and ecosystem implications too. Regulators worldwide are rightly concerned so they are scrutinizing any safety signals that may suggest ED potential.

ED regulatory frameworks are more widely established for plant protection products than chemicals. Different regulators are at different stages of adoption of ED testing approaches. The EU has an advanced ED testing framework in place, which many other regulators follow. 

As your partner, we can navigate you through the scientific, technical and regulatory complexity, and ambiguity, of ED testing for your chemical.

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