Ecosystems are complex, interrelated environments, and this makes establishing the potential ecotoxicity of a chemical challenging.

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A dedicated ecotoxicology team that conducts approximately 170 terrestrial studies and 180 aquatic studies annually.

Benefit from our suite of purpose-built facilities designed to accommodate your aquatic or terrestrial ecotoxicology needs.

Expert scientists with extensive experience designing and running all types of ecotoxicology studies to global guidelines at high standards for quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Successful ecotoxicology studies need a joined-up scientific approach that uses insights based on experience with other chemicals and from across all environmental safety assessments. Leverage our scientific and regulatory expertise to create tiered-testing plans that streamline and optimize your investment in ecotoxicology assessment. With us, you can build a robust, regulator-ready ecotoxicology data set that substantiates your chemical’s environmental safety claims.

Your Needs

Reliable evidence from ecotoxicology studies to support environmental safety arguments

Regulators, customers and consumers need reassurance that your chemicals meet required environmental safety standards. To demonstrate your chemical’s safety on aquatic, avian and terrestrial organisms you need a trusted partner with extensive expertise in conducting high-quality ecotoxicology studies to international standards. Worldwide regulatory standards vary and evolve, so any partner needs to keep pace with relevant global regulations.

Our Capabilities

Leverage our data-driven insight, dedicated teams and regulatory expertise 

Our team of ecotoxicology experts can advise you on the optimum study program that will satisfy your regulatory ecotoxicity requirements. We believe in building a team around you, tailored to your requirements and working with you in the way you prefer. From guiding you through a whole study program to running a specific test, we will be at your side.

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