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In today’s regulatory landscape, you need more than data to guarantee financial success for your chemical. You need a regulatory consultancy partner that can keep you in full compliance, even as global regulations change.

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Your Partner in Regulatory Consultancy

Regulatory compliance takes time and effort and requires insight into the latest regulatory obligations. Any complications in your chemical’s regulatory journey could derail approval and delay marketing. It could also mean exclusion of an approved chemical from the market. With so many regulatory obligations—which vary internationally—you need an expert partner to guide you through the process.

Whether you want to market a chemical worldwide, need help with classification labeling or compiling registration dossiers, or need a partner to act as a registrant for you, Labcorp is here to help. We tailor our solutions to your unique needs and design delivery to optimize your chances of regulatory success.

Our market-leading regulatory consultancy services and comprehensive chemical product testing capabilities are backed by a global network and expert insights, resulting in timely and smooth product registrations. 

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