Regulatory Consultancy

Having a useful chemical supported by great data is one thing, but in today’s regulated world this is no longer enough to guarantee financial success. Your chemical needs to be accepted by regulatory authorities, comply with classification labeling and safety standards, and have data dossiers updated to match regulatory changes on a global level.

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Complying with regulations takes time and effort and needs up-to-date insight on current regulatory obligations. Any problems or complications in your chemical’s regulatory journey could derail approval and delay marketing. It could also mean exclusion of an approved chemical from the market if your eye isn’t on the regulatory ball.

With so many regulatory obligations, which vary internationally, you need an expert partner to take the strain. You may have a chemical that you want to market worldwide. For that you need global regulatory insight and a strategic plan that leverages testing and data in the most cost-effective and scientifically robust manner. You may simply need support in classification labeling, but you need to be aware of the nuances of how harmonized standards are applied in different geographies. You may want help in compiling dossiers for registration or need a partner to act as a registrant for you.

We tailor solutions to your unique needs and design delivery to optimize the chance of regulatory success. We have a full-service offering that provides market leading regulatory consultancy services and comprehensive chemical product testing capabilities backed by a global network and expert insights resulting in quick and smooth product registrations. 

A global presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia means we have local insight and the ability to execute in every region. With a proven track record of delivering our clients’ regulatory objectives in a timely and cost-effective way, you can trust us to achieve your goals.

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