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An experienced team of cross-functional staff specializing in regulatory science in relation to classification labeling and safety data sheets (SDSs)

A proven track record in classification labeling compliance across multiple jurisdictions worldwide

Expertise in safety assessments, exposure scenarios and interpretation in SDSs

Almost every region of the world has a legal framework and a statutory body that regulates the manufacture, importation or marketing of chemicals.

Many regulatory endpoints are based on harmonized testing methodologies, although their application can be subtly different across regulators. In addition, the interpretation and usage of the resulting data can vary. A good example of this is the comparison between the regulatory approaches of the EU/ECHA and the US/EPA. EU-REACH is a hazard-based system, while the TSCA is a risk-based system. Therefore, in these jurisdictions, the data and regulatory arguments supporting the same chemical require different tactics.

Navigating your chemical onto the global market can be challenging. You need a broad and deep understanding of different regulations and strategic insight to help you leverage your data in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. You also need to ensure that your chemical’s regulatory journey to approval is as rapid and smooth as possible. This means anticipating regulatory hurdles and having clear mitigation plans from the start.

Complying with classification labeling for your chemical

Manufacturers, importers and retailers need to ensure that a chemical conforms to the correct classification and that labeling and SDSs are compliant. This means not only knowing what is appropriate for your chemical in each market, but also supporting it with the correct documentation. In most cases, compliance is simple if you follow the guidance provided by authorities; however, it can be time consuming and a drain on administrative resources, especially for ongoing monitoring.

Characterizing and communicating chemical safety and risk assessments

Safety data sheets usually conform to standard layout and information requirements; however, these vary between jurisdictions. You need to know what each regulator in each market looks for and then follow their recommended template. You aren’t able just to cut and paste between SDSs for different regulators, as they all vary slightly. This can, therefore, take time and focus and requires good insight into global regulations.

What You Get

End-to-end support for classification labelling across your chemical portfolio

Our expert team can help guide you step by step through the complexities of classification labeling across all jurisdictions worldwide. Working in partnership with you, we can:

  • advise on a strategic approach to classification labeling across your chemical portfolio and range of target markets
  • classify an individual chemical based on existing data or draw up proposals for filling data gaps
  • establish labeling needed for your target markets including signal words, hazard pictograms, hazard and precautionary statements
  • develop documentation to comply with classification labeling requirements
  • draw up SDSs or chemical safety reports in line with requirements in target jurisdictions and exposure scenarios
  • submit or notify relevant authorities
  • provide ongoing monitoring support for your chemical

Supporting classification labeling compliance across all global jurisdictions

We have a proven track record of supporting customers with classification labeling across a range of global jurisdictions including:

Expertise in drafting compliant safety assessments in line with regulatory requirements

Our team has experience in developing SDSs or chemical safety assessments for various jurisdictions. From the possible exposure scenarios you supply, we can generate risk assessments to include within the SDS. A factor critical to success with safety assessment is understanding how different regulators interpret data and apply their regulations. We have experience of developing:

  • SDS for CLP under REACH
  • material safety data sheets (MSDS) for the US

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