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Dedicated team of regulatory scientists with OR expertise

Delivering comprehensive OR compliance services for EU, UK, China and South Korea to over 140 clients

Over 1000 chemical substances in the OR portfolio

In some markets, chemical submissions can only be made by companies based in those markets. If you are based outside the market, you need to set up a legal entity in the country or region to manage chemical registrations. The mechanism used is the OR registrant.

An OR is a natural person or legal entity, established physically within the country or region, appointed by a manufacturer, formulator or article producer, outside the country or region, to take on responsibility for complying with the legal requirements under the relevant chemical legislation. 

Vast experience of delivering OR services for many companies and different chemicals

Labcorp has a proven track record of supplying OR services across a number of jurisdictions:

  • Korea-REACH
  • Swiss-REACH

Our regulatory scientists have in-depth knowledge of these regulations. In addition, they are highly competent in managing the technical, scientific, legal and administrative duties required of an OR. By partnering with us as your OR, we can manage all aspects of your registration for one or more chemicals.

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