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Experienced team of regulatory scientists with wide-ranging experience of global chemical registrations

Expertise in building and maintaining chemical dossiers aligned to your local regulations and chemical usage

Local insight and support across multiple markets in the region to achieve timely and cost-effective delivery of your registration objectives

We understand that although most chemical regulations have similar endpoint and data requirements, there are specific and nuanced differences. This is especially true in the Asia Pacific region. For example, not all jurisdictions accept QSARs in place of in-vitro data. Some jurisdictions, like China, insist on having environmental studies conducted locally on local organisms. It can, therefore, be challenging to work out how to replicate a chemical registration from one jurisdiction to another.

You also need to consider the chemical and regulatory approach. For example: is it pre-supply? Is the focus based on hazard or risk assessment? Or what is the scope of substances included in the regulations (e.g., polymers versus monomers)?

What You Get

With insight from across the globe as well as on-the-ground experience in the Asia Pacific region, our regulatory scientists can support your chemical submissions strategically. Our strategic approach helps minimize the number of repeat studies, maximize use of core data and reduce time to market. Our network of regulatory scientists on the ground, fluent in local languages can support you across multiple markets in the region: 

  • Australia
  • China (MEP Order 7)
  • Japan (Chemical Substance Control Law)
  • New Zealand
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • The Philippines
  • South Korea

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